Of today’s working world In this context the requirements of flexibility and cross-location learning keep coming up . Employees are increasingly working flexibly and independently of location and under these conditions the online solutions already mention have a high priority in companies (click here for the DIM e-learning offer . know that it is possible to set up an internal online learning platform even with a small personnel development team. Although this step requires a certain amount of initial investment and – employees with an affinity for technology in the long term such a platform helps to ruce the training costs per person.

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Enormously – with at least the same quality. It is important for us to emphasize that a mix of methods is the optimal solution for most companies. This New Zealand Phone Numbers List is because in every company there are different types of learnerswork.  particular appreciates further training opportunities via smartphone during the daily commute to work older generations and managers still prefer face-to-face training and sparring at eye level with the respective speaker in most cases. What can be said is that the area of ​​further ucation is changing and that increasingly high-quality online solutions are available for employee training Techniques that are not.

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Yet fully develop such as traPositioning analysis – positioning products and brands successfully / – votesThe positioning analysis is an important strategic KY Lists approach for successful strategic brand and product management. USP The terms are diverse and yet always describe the same challenge. How can I differentiate myself from the competition with my product or my brand fall back on my core competencies and create a non-price preference with the customer in order to position myself so successfully The positioning analysis is a strategically important element. The positioning analysis is us both when launching new products.

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