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Apps as a shopping companion. To make shopping easier the user is shown the best nearest and cheapest shops in the vicinity. The SHOPNOW app from sprylab technologies GmbH can count as an example. It provides the user with personaliz  the respective shops. It is bas on a bonus system in which the user can collect points by entering the respective shop or by purchasing a product. However this project was ultimately discontinu due to a lack of partners who participat. Another example is the Yelp application. Here users exchange reviews of shops restaurants bars and petrol stations. Finally form location bas gamesa third segment of location-bas marketing. These are games that use the user’s location to allow them to play.

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The best-known application of this principle is call Pokémon Go. The player moves through the real world to catch virtual figures on his Finland Phone Number List smartphone. To do this he must visit certain locations in the real world to get additional items. these locations randomly but companies had the opportunity to buy such a stop and place it at their location. As a result users came to them to collect items and the companies attract potential customers. Some stops even had to be remov again because the huge number of players caus problems.

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You will learn even more marketing measures in our online marketing seminar. Find out now about the content and current dates Mon KY Lists Online marketing compactin Cologne or onlineInform now Online marketing compactinLegendFree places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. . Mobile Marketing – How is it evolving Forecasts of developments that depend primarily on technical progress are highly speculative. However the following developments seem inevitable The importance of smartphones for every single person will continue to increase. Bots (computer programs that largely automatically perform repetitive tasks without.

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