Companies there are no travel expenses and absences from work are ruc New Learning adapts to the nes and individual training nes  solutions offers the possibility to individually compile learning content and units. In addition data can  evaluat and us knowlge gaps can  identifi and learning content can  adapt. In addition learning content can  convey visually auditory or purely textually and thus  individually adapt for each type of learner New Learning offers models for fast and continuous knowlge transfer Companies can adapt the knowlge of their employees to new processes efficiently and effectively in everyday work. With highly qualifi employees the company also gains a competitive advantage.

The wide range of offers and software

New Learning at DIM The German Institute for Marketing offers innovative learning concepts at the highest level. With a wealth of  the DIM has a Cayman Islands Phone Number List wide range of classic and digital training solutions  which is continuously expand with current topics. e-Learning is an integral part of the learning mixsays Prof. Dr. Michael rnecker Managing Director of the German Institute for Marketing. We have also implement various e-learning projects together with our customers in recent years. This has l to a differentiation of our service portfolio. Prof. Dr. Michael rnecker Managing Director at the German Institute for Marketing.

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Experience from more than years

The digital offer ranges from webinars e-learning kits explanatory videos and complete online courses that conclude with certification ( ). The KY Lists learning content can  call up immiately and makes it possible to deepen knowlge and acquire new knowlge independent of time and place. The online courses enable optimal integration into everyday work and are design in such a way that the learning pace can  flexibly design. The German Institute for Marketing offers a broad portfolio of topics with a focus on online marketing management as well as NEW marketing and sales. >>> Are you interest in our e-learning kits Here you will find our downloads The face-to-face seminars.

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