Successful expansion of market leaders such as Amazon into the physical point of sale level shows that it is definitely possible to expand your own brand. But there are also risks: The complexity for example in the area of ​​logistics increases enormously if another sales channel is add.  control and administration of the entire sales process – there is no certainty as to whether the expansion to other channels will also lead to more sales that offset these costs. You should also not react rashly to initial successes: if you fail to get start with point-of-sale sales due to a lack of know-how due to haste this can have a negative impact on the brand.

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Or the entire company. Pure e-commerce companies are often at home in this sphere and have an offer that is tailor to it.establishment of further channels Algeria Phone Number List is not always automatically available and must therefore be learn step by step with great effort or bought at great expense. The risk of cannibalization i.e. that the newly add sales  the previous one is rarely a problem if online trading is assum. Depending on the type of product or service however a market analysis is recommend before making mistakes with the introduction of multichannel sales. maintain scalability In principle all of.

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The points mention also fall at least in part into the area of ​​scalability. With every economic decision especially from an organizational point of view it KY Lists should be check what influence the plann measure can have on the scalability of the company. Adding a new department for example can still be a fairly trivial step at the beginning of a company. But as soon as large growth is register as an entrepreneur you have to react to it and add more manpower for example The broader the team is the more expensive and complex this process becomes. Since young companies should always be prepar for such.

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