Authentic The publication of news must take place in a timely manner. Communicat messages should have a novelty value especially when it comes to PR. Processes data and facts should be transparent. The communication results should be measurable.  Once the measures that the start-up wants to carry out have been determin the operative budget can be calculat first. In addition there is the budget for the staff which is us to finance the employees who are mainly responsible for implementing the communication strategy . In this step start-ups also decide on the structure of the communication department for strategy implementation: How much staff is requir Does the staff have to have special knowlge What is the minimum.

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Experience you should have Is the department structur according to responsibilities for target groups communication disciplines organizational units or List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers topics Is a centraliz or decentraliz structure advisable . Define responsibilities As soon as the calculationthe precise determination of the responsibilities begins: Who can and must decide what Who implements what has been decid in terms of the specifi communication measures At this point the question often arises: Are there enough qualifi people who are able to take over the entire communication of the start-up Too often the amount of work involv in implementing the.

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Communication strategy is underestimat especially by young companies. A few tweets and posts on Facebook and a few emails sent do not make good KY Lists communication work. Stamina time and creativity are basic requirements for the success of the measures. Sometimes it can also make sense to use an agency. Important here:  budget. . Review critical factors In the penultimate step all those involv in the start-up deal intensively and honestly with critical success factors. For this the entire communication strategy must be consider again . Where are there any stumbling blocks in the develop strategy Why and how could these stumbling blocks get in the way of implementation Which points.

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