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In order to be able to act optimally hereyou should pay attention to the following pointsamong others Describe the vacancy as precisely as possible. Offer the applicant enough space to present himself as comprehensively as possible. Make sure that you work according to the current data protection regulations or comply with themespecially with regard to stor data. Think outside the box and try different platforms to see  for you. Only by considering all of these factors is it possible to take full advantage of e-recruiting in all its facets. Employee retention – The best instruments and measures It’s no secret that.

In addition good employee retention

Employees are a company’s greatest asset. In order for the marketing department to function smoothly for example you ne the right employees. It is Ghana Phone Number List important that the right people are select during the recruitment process. Howeverit is just as important to strive for good employee retention . Because if your marketers leaveit can get your . To prevent this from happening to youwe have put together the most effective measures for you. Here you can find out how to bind your employees to you and your company in the long termso that your working atmosphere and the productivity of your employees improve and your.

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Which solution is most efficient

Company can continue to grow. What actually is employer branding Why solid employee retention is essential Growth is only possible for a KY Lists company if it can multiply through its employees. To do thisyou ne capable people who want to develop further with you and fight for the future. It would be fatal if a valu colleague were poach by the competition due to a lack of employee loyalty . A resigning employee means that know-how is lost andin the worst casethe competitor benefits. Develop processesdealer contacts and internals can be betray and destroy the competitive advantage.  ensures that turnover decreaseswhich means fewer new people have to be hir and train This.

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