Dominant color that represents anger but also love and passion. Creating a logo – What is behind a logo competition When creating a logo companies are fac with the decision of who should do the design. The own creation of a logo is rarely promising since the necessary knowlge in graphic design is often missing. Hiring an agency on the other hand can be very expensive. A worthwhile alternative is a logo competition. successful model is LogoArena. A logo competition uses the creativity of different graphic designers – a promising principle because you have a much larger selection of high-quality logos to draw from. At the beginning.

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A questionnaire is fill out to define your ideas and wishes. In the active competition suggestions are then provid after a very short time which can Armenia Phone Number List be evaluat and comment on – this way you ensure that a perfectly fitting logo is creat. chosen the logo will be sent to the client together with a certificate for the rights. Brand architecture – With structure to a profitable brand portfolio / – ( vote) In the context of brand management and every company comes up with the question or problem of how far the brand positioning and the brand portfolio still correspond to the market requirements. In mium-siz.

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Companies in particular the systematic question of a meaningful and suitable brand architecture often arises . Since there are various aspects to KY Lists be consider within brand management depending on the industry company situation and business model there is no standardiz solution – the brand architecture must therefore always be develop in the company’s own context. Definition of brand architecture Prof. Dr. Michael Bernecker The brand architecture of a company describes the logical assignment and the structures of different company brands in relation to each other. Here the brand depth and brand breadth are combin  of the.

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