Present current articles from the company blog and refer to our seminars and registration dates. After the newsletter in the increas numr of registrations in the seminars and higher page views of the blog posts. This effect usually lasts for about ½ weeks fore the views and registrations return to the original level. When placing AdWords advertisements this effect is often not noticeable. An example here is our own advertising campaign for the rhetoric seminar. The following graphic shows the course of page views over time from January to Novemr . This seminar was advertis with search ads via AdWords from Septemr th to Novemr nd. The graphic clearly shows that the page.

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Views increas many times over during this period. After pausing the campaign there is no longer any positive effect. The carry-over effect therefore Finland Phone Number List does not take place here. ary specific adaptation to the respective situation.What actually is a business field .  development one deals with the development of the business particular are often discuss without concrete knowlge of the basic concepts. When ten business development managers discuss theirbasis of a company’s business for example the marketing of certain products or services. The characterization of a business area thus determines the areas of application of the entrepreneurial activities and takes place with regard to several dimensions which at least include services.

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View of what a business field is ten different opinions emerge and many terms from strategic managementare us incorrectly or in an unusual KY Lists context. It is therefore worth presenting similarities and differences. It is not uncommon for the term business area to confus with the concept of strategic business unit or – even worse – it is actually not at all clear what a business area is. Even attempts to define business development which assume that it is about business development and not business.

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