Your services Claudia Harichtrainer and consultant for Sales Marketing & Sales Expert Tip Customer centricity expert Sebastian SyperekYou are not your customer! In any caseyou are not necessarily. And as a ruleyou are not a typical customer of your company. I have seen it often enough in various companies that the product  very hip features or product extensions that they themselves saw as the next big thing. The problem is that the target group of the product or service rarely corresponds to the people who are responsible for it in the corresponding company. Germany has a demographic development that is such.

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That not all addressees of your products can necessarily belong to Generation Y. Don’t fall into the trap of paying too little attention to the nes of + -savvy Albania Phone Numbers List potential customers. Get to know your real target group. It is best to combine methods of qualitative and quantitative market research. Chances are you don’t have the ONMarketing budget – How to plan your marketing activitiesvotes A marketing budget is simply part of it! In every marketing departmentthe question always comes up in autumn How do we planfor the next year Which activitiesca mpaigns and individual measures will we implement in the future.

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This always includes a marketing budget that specifies the financial and human resources for marketing activities. The marketing budget is often subdivid KY Lists or represents the bracket for further budgets. These includeamong other things communication. Budget in marketing sales budget These partial. Budgets should be coordinat with the. Marketing budget and plann in an integrat. Manner Here’s why you should create a marketing budget. In various studiesthe German Institute for Marketing has found that the existence of a marketing. Budget is an indicator of the professionalism of. The marketing department. In additionthe importance of the position of the marketing manager.

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