Convincing That is why the planning of all elements as well as the color coordination is the focus. Displays advertising posters and banners carpets and balloons are elements that first catch the customer’s eye. Make sure that the individual elements for a coherent overall picturecare and fit the brand. It is therefore best to stick to the  to color design: logos should be identical colors should be coordinat and lettering should not differ. In the end a coherent overall picture not only attracts more attention but also makes a positive first impression. advertising balloons Stage special campaigns at the PoS Are you opening a new shop.

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Or celebrating an anniversary Are you starting the summer sale or a Christmas campaign Then draw attention to these events! and social mia and Nigeria Phone Number List accompany the sales promotion with photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram . Visual eye-catchers are requir so that potential customers can find their way into the store. Promotional balloons and banners are a wonderful way to make your POS stand out from the crowd. An arch of balloons framing the entrance and a banner announcing the reason for the campaign make for an absolute dream team. Balloons in particular catch the eye.

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Especially when youHave balloons print for example with a message and your logo. In order to connect the analogue advertising balloon with KY Lists today’s digital world it is also possible to print QR codes on it. By scanning customers can be guid to a landing page and provid with additional information. Of course advertising balloons can also be us as a giveaway if this suits your company. Children in particular are happy about balloons and thus attract the whole family to the PoS. You can also tie a flyer or discount coupon to each balloon to encourage them to return to your store.

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