Administration of appointments resources rooms teaching and learning materials you receive a complete service. Of course we also map the necessary compliance issues for youbogus self-employment artists’ social security contributions GDPR and QM  cover. Process and quality management Together with you we map out the necessary handling processes and if necessary also work into your SAP system. With our certifi solutions we implement comprehensive KPI-controll quality management with you. ucation marketing We support you in your internal ucation marketing with tailor-made concepts implementation aids.

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Intelligent participant activation. A modern training concept is an essential asset in employer branding. Transfer assurance and implementation event Latvia Phone Number List into everyday life. We work with modern tools in order to realize an optimal transfer success of the further ucation events. Conclusion – the digital helpers are indispensable Digitization is indispensable especially in marketing since today’s tasks are just as digital in nature. While the local baker can still ask each customer individually about their age or interests this is hardly feasible for a company with an online shop. Campaigns can only evaluat using the digitally collect data. But digitization is also a tremendous help in day-to-day operations hind clos doors.

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Thanks to it bookkeeping has come much easier and taxes can also prepar virtually quickly.Are you looking for a marketing consultant The German KY Lists Institute for Marketing advises companies of all sizes on challenges in marketing and sales. Our marketing consultants are competent experienc and will work with you to develop a tailor-made solution. We have en supporting companies in a wide variety of situations for years. Prof. Dr. Michael rnecker Brands have to maintain sharpen and manag. An external brand consultant can act like a brand trainer and together with you develops a tailor-made training program for more impact and market successProf. Dr. Michael rnecker What challenge.

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