Modern learning approach for the digital futurevotes) Digitization has long since influenc all areas of life and is changing everyday life  least the further training system is also affect by digital change. The central keyword is New Learning . New learning concepts and strategies are digitally develop and adapt to the requirements of digital change. Find out what New Learning means what makes it special and what innovative training solutions you can expect from the German Institute for Marketing. New Learning Importance of New Learning Industry . and Work . are changing the model of personal and in-house training.

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Faster innovation cycles and complex work processes increase the ne for knowlge and require further qualification and continuous learning of Cambodia Phone Number List employees.  for digital change with employee training courses  and this as cost-effectively  periods of absence. The traditional understanding of further ucation with face-to-face seminars specialist literature or weekend courses is therefore no longer up-to-date and no longer meets these requirements on its own. New Learning modernizes this understanding. Electronically support learning approaches which are tter compatible with this New Work context and can  integrat more flexibly into everyday work form the basic construct of New Learning.

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Online course Digital Brand ManagerWhat characterizes New Learning Within the framework of New Learning the focus is on further training KY Lists strategies and methods that digitize learning and make it more future-orient and suitable for everyday use. Such e-learning formats can  webinars learning videos or blend learning that combines offers flexibility in learning Digitiz content makes it possible to access the necessary material anytime and anywhere. In contrast to face-to-face events New Learning concepts can  optimally integrat into everyday work. Employees but also private individuals can continue their ucation independent of time and place and from any end device And that offers a particular plus for.

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