Basic growth opportunities are evaluat with regard to the defin company strengths and weaknesses as well as the external (positive and negative) challenges. In the final fourth phase the entire growth strategy for the further (operational) steps is summariz and mapp in compact form. Pros and cons of the Ansoff matrix For the Ansoff matrix too both the possible uses in practice and the results of this method are discuss in a critical assessmentAdvantages of the Ansoff matrixEasy-to-use tool for strategic planning of the service program Good decision preparation.

Growth orientation Market participants

Through the clear mapping of strategic options Immiate recommendations for action Great acceptance and high level of awarenessthepractice for Ghana Phone Number List decades Disadvantages of the Ansoff matrixAssumption of a one-sid  the strategy options General growth strategies sometimes shown in a very simplifi wayCosts increase exponentially with increasing market penetration The higher risk assessment of market versus product development is not generally applicable Only two dimensions – no possibilities for variation No general rules for selecting a strategy Select growth.

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