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Skills which are more useful for everyday use from the user’s perspective language assistants are also a marketing channel that is becoming increasingly important. Alexa skills are becoming increasingly important for marketing in the form of simplifying purchases gaining insights into user behavior user experience and customer purchase With the help of language an online purchase can be simplifi in principle because no clicks are necessary compar to conventional online shopping. The voice assistant searches a variety of products bas on the user’s past product purchases preferences and instructions Unlike humans the.

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Virtual assistant can theoretically include all products that exist on the Internet in its product selection which is then present to the questioner. In Latvia Phone Number List fact however Alexa and Co. prefer products from companies with a high reputation which results from ratings and recommendations.  or using a company’s advice implement in the respective  and new for most users. If the company’s own application is programm well enough the company offers the user a new user experience. Insights into purchasing behavior Through the interactive advice that Alexa and Co. offers during product selection a company can gain insights into preferences taste or socio-demographic data.

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This is valuable information especially for online marketing measures. In addition the user can transmit his e-mail address to the company for further KY Lists information transmission if the company so wishes. Customer retention Lastly Alexa skills are a good tool for customer retention. With the help of company-specific skills services such as reading opening hours finding branch locations and product advice are offer. These additional services offer the user real add value which he can realize with simple voice commands. They can also lead to a more positive perception of the brand and company interact with. Do you ne support in digitizing your company Feel free to contact us We.

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