Traders seriousness means having to take confidence-building measures . This applies not only but also to the specific shop design. or technical details largely determine whether the website is perceiv as serious and whether customers are considering a purchase – or not. The following factors are particularly relevant here: Domain or URL In order for a potential customer to get to the shop page at all they either have to enter a URL or click on a corresponding link. In any case he will come into contact with the domain and decide consciously or unconsciously whether it sounds serious to him or not. On the one hand the second-level.

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Domain is important here the visitor will pay attention to how the brand name sounds and whether it radiates seriousness for him. On the other hand Australia Phone Number List Internet users involuntarily link the top-level domain with serious or dubious associations. or global websites are perceiv as more serious in contrast to foreign domains or the modern alternatives. Choosing the right name is therefore essential to make the domain or URL . The language of the target group After a user has land on the website he will take a closer look at the content. These must appeal to the target group cause it makes a difference whether it is a young person or a middle-ag manager. So fore you start designing the content of the website it is important to carry out a corresponding analysis . It is important to answer.

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Questions such as Who is our target group how does she speak How do we reach them What are no-gos for the target group What typical words or KY Lists phrases does she use How does the language appear natural The latter point means that the overall appearance of the online shop must consistent. For example anyone who chooses an old-fashion design but wants to score points with hip youth language does not appear authentic and therefore acts as a deterrent to the target group. It’s about creating a coherent overall picture and choosing the right language. It is also important to ask all these questions at regular intervals.

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