Markets There are three possible alternatives to this strategyHorizontal diversificationThe previous range of products and services will  expand to include relat offers. Such a relationship can result from the use of the same processes or production technologies the same materials and/or the same customers. ExampleA er Manufacturer produces a fruit juice drink in addition to its various types of er. Vertical diversificationIn the case of vertical diversification the previous offer is expand to include upstream or downstream economic levels. The idea hind it is to.

Example A chocolate manufacturer

Increase your own share of the entire value chain. The aim is to ruce the sales and/or procurement risk. operates its own cocoa plantation.  diversification Ireland Phone Number List a company advances into completely new product and market areas. The new services are not relat to the company’s previous offerings. An example of this strategic option is that  and sells clothing. Ansoff matrixHow to The application of the Ansoff matrix for the development of growth areas ideally provides for the following phase-orient procureAnsoff matrix The first phase is the analysis of the initial situation as the fundamental basis for strategic planning. (The necessity has already en fully describ in Chapter.

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Lateral diversification With lateral

For this purpose the use of the  analysis offers itself in order to  able to consider internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external chances and risks KY Lists in the planning of growth areas. In the subsequent second phase  the various strategy options that are available to a company are then present. For this purpose the four outlin growth strategies according to Ansoff are transferr to one’s own company. For this purpose it is helpful to first outline the currently process product-market field in order to determine the starting position. Each quadrant which descris a general growth strategy is then individualiz for one’s own.

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