Different columns. Ultimately however the numr of columns is not specifi – it is important that you can optimally map your process with the board. Each column represents a process phase i.e. an activity. Choose the columns so that the Kanban board visualizes your entire workflow. The image low illustrates what the board can look like and the nefits it brings. Kanban Board st column Task In the first column you record the tasks that are due in one day or in one week. It is up to you which period you choose – you can list the tasks of a month or a day in this column.

This first column gives the team

Depending on what gives you a more structur overview and makes more sense for your work process.  an overview of what is still to come. With this basis Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List you create a good transparency and visualization of the upcoming tasks. nd column In progress All activities that your team is currently carrying out to fulfill the tasks are collect here. us to visualize what is currently ing process. As a result the team has a direct overview of all activities and can exchange information tter. At st you should also set limits here so that no employee is overwhelm. This means that actions are prioritiz – what absolutely.

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This second column is therefore

Nes to  accomplish that day or weekFor example identify three activities that are of higher priority. At this point each team memr gets an overview of KY Lists what is currently happening and where further work is ne. rd column examination successfully process these activities are check. In this way you can summarize the current status of your work in a structur manner and discover optimization potential at an early stage and if necessary improve quality gaps. Essentially quality controls that have en carri out are shown in this column of the test. th column Done Last but not least you should also record the complet tasks on your Kanban board . Accordingly you and your team must first define exactly what done means to.

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