Account and  tailor toThe usage situation and the function of the mium indicate among other things how attentively the addressee perceives the advertisement. Display and selection options have a very significant influence on the design freom of . Reach in terms of space time quantity and quality which is to  assess in particular in relation to the user price. Do you want to strengthen your corporate communication and make it more efficient We gladly support you! Bastian FoersterBastian Foerster Phone+   – Fax+   – Send an email Due to the variety of possibilities a consistent and target planning in the form of an inter.

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Selection is absolutely necessary Design and success rules In order to achieve the st possible success with the advertisement  it is important to  advertising Belize Phone Number List mium into account. Basically the following appliesAn advertisement should convey the  seconds . To put it in perspectivea person leafing through a magazine in a waiting room must have understood and absorb the message within to seconds even if they are not particularly interest in the advertis service. Ad design The main design features of an advertisement areThe selection of images should  optimally tailor to the target group and at the.

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Same time attract attention support the content of the message and create familiarity. Titles and subtitles should address the addressee’s nes KY Lists directly and emotionally and should only contain to words in the title. Assertions and rais questions arouse the viewer’s curiosity and expectations. Even if the rest of the text is usually not read at all the mere existence increases cribility since the reader can potentially obtain further information. Placement of the basic message  i.e. the logo of the sender of the message. Traditionally the logo of the brand or the provider can  found at the bottom right. It should  not however that this important information is only seen very late at this point. A size of at least % image content possibly in a central.

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