Learn flexibly at your learning pace! Find out now about the exact contents: Course Marketing Manager DIM Trends in outdoor advertising Outdoor advertising is also on the move! Outdoor advertising is more than a simple posting on an advertising pillar or a billboard. Various trends can currently  identifi: Key word: Crossmia – analogue + digital in combination Digitization has come normal Dynamic advertising mia are on the rise Data for mia planning = real-time data and location data Linking outdoor advertising with other channels via the customer journey.

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Measuring the success of outdoor advertising: There are also ways to measure performance in OOH advertising  effect, the QR code  and USA Phone Number List interactions and provides insight into the effectiveness of your ad Domain landing page page of the website and track Phone Tracking : Quantitative measurement and quality of callers using a specific phone numr Outdoor advertising – what will the future bring? One thing is clear: outdoor advertising has to change in order to  effective in the future. It is no longer enough to just put up posters. Instead the trend is clearly towards digital and interactive outdoor advertising . Digital displays enable moving formats in advertising instead of static images.

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With the help of cameras, the displays react to people’s movements and can play clips in a target manner. The use of QR codes or, a more elegant method KY Lists apps such as Shazam or Usnap creates a bridge from outdoor advertising directly to the online offer. % of the population are aware of this mechanism and % of people have already us it. This makes it clear: outdoor advertising is still an important factor – if it is us correctly and keeps up with the times. ot  underestimat. A customer who feels comfortable in a shop – whether online or offline – is usually happy to come back In a way loyalty campaigns.

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