Protect brand Only when there is a trademark use can it actually  said that the trademark has en infring. trademark infringement of trademark infringement If third parties violate the rights to a protect trademark this can have several legal consequencesClaim for injunctive relief and warning Compensation Claim for Trademark Infringement right to information Destruction and Removal Claim cause the trademark owner can incur high financial damage as a result of trademark infringement  he is entitl to compensation. If for example a third party copies the product manufactures it cheaper abroad and then offers it on the domestic.

What are the legal consequences

Market at a price well low the brand owner’s price this can have devastating financial consequences for the company. To compensate for the for Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List damages. The prerequisite for this is that the action was intentional or grossly negligent. How high is the claim for damages The amount of compensation depends on the following factorsamount of profit of the offender Amount of lost profit of the holder Amount of license damage An experienc expert should  consult to calculate the amount of damages. Bas on the lost profit this calculates how high the compensation to  paid is. Any damage is calculat either concretely or abstractly.

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Losses the holder can make a claim

Concrete calculation of lost profitThe basis for calculation are individual orders or transactions that have actually fail. The aggriev party has the burden of KY Lists proof and must prove which sales he has lost due to the damage. Bas on the difference tween the lost sales and the resulting costs the amount of the compensation can  specifically quantifi. The abstract calculation looks a little different. Actual lost profits are not taken into account here. Instead the basis for calculation is the profit which could probably  expect in the ordinary course of things or in accordance with the special circumstances in particular the institutions and precautions taken(§ S. BGB). Anyone who was already reliably takiMarketing in times of crisis – budgets in times of the Corona crisis The coronavirus Covid- presents us all with health challenges. But in marketing too we are fac with the strategic question.

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