Form of diagrams opens up the possibility of visualizing values ​​from several comparable categories. The performance dimensions are usually about the costs the time factor the quality of a service or for example customer satisfaction. nchmarking partnersWith the nchmarking partners a distinction is made tween different points of view. On the one hand one speaks of internal nchmarking when one wants to compare different areas within one’s own company. In the case of external nchmarking on the other hand a comparison is made tween one’s own company.

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That of another company. A distinction must  made as to whether you are carrying out the external nchmarking within the same industry Spain Phone Numbers List or whether you intend to make a comparison within a foreign industry. Key figuresIn comparative values ​​in nchmarking  relevant key figures must  identifi and collect. This is the only way to ensure that the actual causes for the differences in the services compar are identifi when the values ​​determin are analyz. Qualitative explanations of the key figures are elementary for the key figures. In this way the key figures can  interpret correctly which results in.

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Order to generate meaningful

Comparable and traceable data This ruces the risk of misjudgments and the resulting wrong decisions to a minimum. SurveySeveral methods can KY Lists distinguish for the survey. Especially at the ginning it makes sense to find out secondary data. All kinds of sources are suitable for this such as publish balance sheets data from economic institutes or articles in magazines. When collecting primary data you contact the nchmarking partner directly to find out the appropriate key figures. These can  determin by means of a written survey using questionnaires or key figure forms. The key figures obtain are deepen in personal discussions with the employees of the nchmarking partner. Joint workshops.

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