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Online shop Tip Integrate trust signals In order for users to order in an online shop they ne a certain level of trust in the online shop and the company behind it. With the use of trust signals such as certificates or seals of approval you increase the trust of your (potential) customers in your online shop. At the same time the Symbols in your online shop leads to increas product purchases. Designing an online shop – Tip Installing social mia share buttons Ideally your website your online shop and your social mia channels are strongly link.

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This way social mia users can quickly get to your homepage or vice versa. By installing social share buttons on your website and ingenerate attention Guatemala Phone Number List on different channels. You can also simply let the share function run along the ge of your online shop or integrate it in a place in the upper part of the page where the buttons are clearly visible. in the design of online shops is the W FUTURE web agency from Leipzig . In addition to online marketing measures she is an expert in the design and integration of online shops in product photography and image processing.

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Online Marketing Seminar If you not only want to sell your products via a professional online shop but also want to get to know the sales promotion KY Lists tools better and use them for yourself register for our online marketing seminar ! sh you a lot of fun! E-learning kit Do-it-yourself market research – possibilities and limits E-Learning_Kit_Do-it-yourself_Market Research_E-Learning KitMarket research made easy More and more online tools for do-it-yourself market research are finding their way onto the internet. The promise is always Create your own questionnaire with just a few clicks and have the data evaluat automatically. But what possibilities does this alternative really.

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