You make a good first impression with a neat outfit that suits the company and the industry . Monitors that show the most important information are ideal for drawing attention to your own stand. It can also be us to attract the interest of visitors even when all theof a conversation. A guide for customer contact should be prepar in good time before visiting the trade fair . In this wayall customers receive the same and complete information. A clear image brochure containing the most important key data can serve as a cheat sheet . Give-aways are ideal so that the public can still remember your own brand after visiting the trade fair.

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The freebies should be of good quality and include relevant contact information. A uniform corporate design creates a recognition value.  industry USB Cameroon Phone Number List sticks for IT companies or drinking bottles for companies that offer sports protein shakes. Any freebies left over after the trade fair are us to distribute at business meetings or to display in your own company for visitors. One should log the results . In this way you can optimize  fair andif necessaryimprove your own product. KPIs at the trade fair appearance If the goal is to win new customers at a trade fairthen aligning KPIs with this strategic objective is important. At the levels of reachinteraction and transactionthe following KPIsfor examplecan.

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Be determin for the goal of acquiring new customers in performance marketing Reach KPI Visitors at the fair Interaction KPI Number of conversations (or KY Lists conversation logs with new customers Transaction KPI Number of orders after months with new customers via the trade fair With the help of such an alignment of the KPIsthe success of a trade fair appearance can be better measur and us to optimize future trade fairs. How the expenses for a trade fair appearance remain manageable To keep costs as low as possiblecompanies have the following options The earlier you book a standthe cheaper it.

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