Relevant at the latest when I want to find new team memrs from Generation Y. Nevertheless it doesn’t matter if you can’t answer the question cause for example you are the heir generation and it was previously enough to have a good product at the start. cause there is someone who can answer this question very well your current customers. The questions What are you particularly good at Why do your customers buy from you the employees of a machining company on the left bank of the Rhine answer in the self-image workshop Our customers hate us.

Leaving money with you at the moment

Already heard a lot – that wasn’t there yet. I’m sorry what Why do your customers hate you I ask amaz. We have so many complaints! Every day anew! Customers Czech Republic Phone Number List hate us for it! Okay we’ll find out. The key We ask those who are . Their customers.  to the strategy Complaints Yeaaa we have it from time to time. But it will  resolv quickly. They come in pairs and quickly improve – everything is great. We had it with the others too. BUT THE DELIVERY TIMES! They say three weeks and it lasts TWELVE! And they do NOT let you know in advance if it will  later. We have already nam a project buffer after this supplier cause it never comes on time anyway! Aha. So that’s where the real.

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The customer survey the key

Pain lies with the customer. And let me know if it’s going to  later that would  great. self-image and external image. If I don’t ask my customers I KY Lists don’t know what they think about me – and automatically fill the information gap with fantasies. Mostly with bad fantasies. Even if everything is actually in the green area. u. But it’s normal. Okay  you will think – Then let’s ask our customers what they like about us and what they don’t. May with an online questionnaire! Unfortunately there are two mistakes in thinking here. Users HATE online questionnaires they take time and are not fun. You are also not allow to raffle something for participation you know compliance and such). Nothing ats a face-to-face conversation where.

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