Create a procure for contacting the newly register customers which writes to the customers after a certain time. To do this create an email template that will  sent automatically and that’s it! Marketing automation saves a lot of time. The more you create these kinds of simple flows the more time you have for other things. . Increase your earnings automation lies in the structur sequence of customer contacts. Automat flows allow you to build an efficient strategy to engage your prospects and drive them to purchase through personaliz flows. In this way you optimize your conversion channel and improve the conversion rate of your leads. With marketing automation you can re-energize your most qualifi leads to buy motivate.

The greatest add value of marketing

New leads to view your offers or increase the average shopping cart of your loyal customers. A few automat email runs can significantly increase your Paraguay Phone Number List earnings Gain efficiency You can also increase the responsiveness of your contacts with marketing automation .  automat emails have an average + % open rate and + % response rates numr of people who click on a link in your email after opening it). Actually it goes without saying the more personaliz the more willing your leads are to open an email and click on the links. For example if your lead visits page A and a few days later receives offers or tips on this page the opening rate is higher compar to a classic newsletter in which all your offers.

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Compar to traditional newsletters

Services are list Get to know your target group tter Marketing automation allows you to tter understand the tastes and preferences of your leads and adjust KY Lists your communications accordingly. This allows havioral data to  register which you can use to present more relevant offers/services to your leads. At the same time you will also learn more about the interest in your website or your offer. Another possibility is lead scoring  i.e. the assignment of a dynamic numr of points which is creat on the basis of customer havior and is to  understood as a quality indicator of the lead. For example if a lead signs up for your newsletter.

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