Thursday April  Link In marketingin Cologne or online Inform now W  LinkIn marketingin Cologne or onlineInform now Tuesday . . LinkIn marketingin Cologne or onlineInform now LegendFree places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book.  Social selling is certainly not a social mia approach to contacting everyone you see on the web. First of all get an overview of which social mia platforms are us by your potential leads and contacts and how. The overview of which innovative competitors are active on the social web is also helpful. Social selling works differently than classic telephone acquisition! Therefore it makes.

Social Selling Tip  Get an overview

Sense to exchange ideas with experts on how to approach the topic correctly! Use our expertise from the various channels!   Institute for Marketing Taiwan Phone Number List The social mia marketing study by the German Institute for Marketing has clearly shown that LinkIn is simply a must for most companies. But the other platforms such as YouTu Xing & Twitter should also  check regularly for their potential use. Social Selling Tip  Create the necessary profiles for yourself As the saying goes Even the longest journey gins with a first step.

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Create your own profile. If you don’t have a profile in a social network  you can’t judge it use it or just actively immerse yourself in it.  page and/or company KY Lists profile. But what should you pay attention to what shouldn’t you do and what information longs on a profile In our seminar there are concrete tips and templates for the correct use of the different profiles! Social Selling Tip  Expand your network Do not start your first steps in social selling directly with hard selling! Observe how other people use the channel form an opinion about what you see What suits you and your offer Contact and connect with other users on the platforms First look.

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