In your receiv email from Badgr (see image above). Example FacebookIf you click on the Facebook icon a browser window opens for sharing the badge see next figure . Here you have various options for sharing your Open Badge (e.g. in the NewsFe your story or as a private message). Open Badge Facebook Example LinkInYou also have various options on LinkIn to share your Open Badge (e.g. in the News Fe or as a private message). The recipient can click directly on the Open Badge and see the metadata of your.

Open Badge Use the Open Badge

Digital award. Link In  URL directly You also have the option to share the URL of your Open Badge . This enables you for example to add the Open Badge to Macedonia Phone Number List your LinkIn profile as a qualificationand make it permanently visible to visitors. The big advantage here is that your badge will not disappear from the NewsFe after a short time. You can copy the URL directly from the e-mail by right-clicking on the Open Badge and then Copy Hyperlink. Alternatively click on your badge. Your award window will open on the Badgr platform. Now copy the web address (URL). DIM Open Badge URL The next step is to go to your LinkIn profile.

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Now visitors can see your digital award

Under it profileclick on the tab Curriculum vitaeand then Certificates and certificates . The Certification window opens. Fill it out paste the URL KY Lists under Crential URLand click on Save.  and understand its acquisition criteria (see images low). Open Badge LinkIn Open Badge Certificates LinkIn Open Badge Proof LinkIn . Use via Badgr Backpack With a Badgr account you have additional functionalities at your disposal. On the one hand you can collect your badges here and present your qualification path as a collection . Open Badge Certificate On the other hand you have e.g. B. the possibility to copy an.

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