The moderators should stay in touch with the team members Moderation is flexible and dependent on the situation a deviation from the plan can be useful in order not to interrupt creativity The focus nes to be on the problem from the digressions The essence of the implementation consists in the creative work phases in the individual groups The group members present their respective results and vote on the best ideas or suggestions for improvement Persona Workshop The follow-up to the customer workshop: for successful sustainability For a real benefit and sustainable profit from the customer.

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Able to draw you should definitely record all the results achiev in a written report. In this way you do not lose any relevant information and you can South Africa Phone Number List on which innovations / adjustments you would like to include in your range of services in the future. It is essential to actually want to continue to pursue and implement the innovative solution approaches or points of criticism that have been rais in order to ultimately be able to offer more customer-friendly and customer-optimiz services. In order to be able to measure the value of your innovations you should always maintain good contact with your customers In this way you can.

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Also take your customers to other customer workshops at regular intervalsinvite you to have your new achievements evaluat or to initiate a new KY Lists brainstorming session. The results of further customer  the findings of the previous workshops in order to get a deeper insight. Customer workshop checklist for follow-up Gather all relevant results and record them in writing Include the ideas in your portfolio and work on making them a reality Continue to maintain regular contact with your customers in order to be close to their nes Conduct regular customer workshops as these.


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