Requirement level and the essential cornerstones. At the German Institute for Marketing the project arrow has proven to  very helpful especially in the early project phases. project arrow With the help of this structure the essential framework conditions of the project can  clarifi together with the stakeholders Objectives  What objectives are we pursuing with the project and which secondary conditions are essential? Target group   the focus of the project? Phases  What are the main project steps? Time  How long do we expect the project to take? Are there any important dates/events? Resources  What resources are available.

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To us team budget external resources? Challenges  What challenges will we face internally and externally weto do to make the project successful? This Exit Mobile Phone Numbers defines the main challenges and offers you a framework for agile marketing work. With the DIM Workshop Canvas to a successful requirements workshop We recommend the DIM the requirements workshop . Workshop canvas If you want to conduct requirements workshops  you should consider a few things fore during and after the workshop Goals  What is the goal of your requirements workshop and what add value should it achieve? Moderator  Choose experienc moderators who can hold the workshop safely and impress with their.

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Expertise Preparation  Are you sufficiently prepar for the workshop? What other problems can you prepare for? Participants  Which of your project KY Lists partners will take part in the workshop? Material/Technology  What are the working conditions like in your workshop? Are there enough tables and chairs as well as writing utensils and presentation materials? Invitation  How would you like to invite participants to the workshop? Address them personally or use a personal cover letter. Procure  What are the key questions of your workshop Which content.

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