As orientation and decision-making aids. DIM Persona Profiler Structure of the DIM Persona Profiler The DIM Persona Profiler is a planning tool that summarizes findings and data from market segmentation into a persona in a compact and clear manner.  segmentation a customer profile and the specific circumstances and current topics customer context listof the target group are characteriz. This is then fill with life by the persona as a fictitious customer. This is assign a name a typical age and a gender. The persona is then brought to life by selecting a suitable photo. In order to further characterize the target group.

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Representative the company adds personality characteristics to the persona What are the persona’s goals and what is important to it in life longing to a Kuwait Phone Number List generation can also allow conclusions to  drawn about personality cause temporary circumstances e.g.  & technology fashion & trends etc.influence personality development. LegendFree places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. Example of a persona profile DIM Persona Profiler – example Are you looking for help with persona creation Get in touch with our persona expert!Bastian Foerster Mr. Bastian Foerster Phone Send an email The personality profile according to the.

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Dmodel  develop by Geier University of Minnesota). According to this theory four different havioral tendencies can  identifi in humans. People have either KY Lists in a dominant way sociallyproactively steadily or conscientiously and  activities of a company. Which triggers can trigger purchasing havior in the defin personality is record separately in the persona profile. Next a customer profile is creat within the persona profile. In it the company notes whether it is a business or private customer and adds relevant customer characteristics. In the case of customers from the B B area for example firmographic economic or industry-specific characteristics are often important information while in the B C area psychological physiological socio-economic and havior-specific.

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