Degree it is advisable to repeat such a workshop at regular intervals. Customer workshop process Customer workshop:  success Extensive preparation for a customer workshop is essential as this significantly influences the eventual success. It is very important that you set your goals precisely. This must be clearly communicat to each individual participant. Everyone involv must have the same understanding of the desir goal. Rent a suitable space and design the various work areas. Designate a main moderator and several.

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Team moderators including assistants. The invit participants expect a thoughtful creation phase and profitable solutions.  is indispensable. Also set at Thailand Phone Number List least one but no more than two days as the duration for the customer workshopat. The workshop canvas The Workshop Canvas visualizes your planning and gives you a structur overview. Clearly defin areas of responsibility enable a quick and precise overview. With the help of the Workshop Canvas you can avoid making serious mistakes during the preparation. The figure below shows the structure of such a canvas.

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A previous intensive discussion

Your goals Give out a very clearly defin goal. What are your hopes for the customer workshop What add value does participation in the workshop offer KY Lists for the customer you want to invite Make it clear how you intend to achieve this goal. Customer Workshop Canvas The moderation: Appoint experienc moderators who can guide the workshop with a sure hand. A good and flexible manager can react quickly to eventualities and ensures that the workshop does not go in an unwant direction. The participants: Think carefully about which of your customers you would like to invite to your customer workshop . A mixture of participants from different areas leads to getting to know other.

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