We found that there is mother with the motives of caring protective and encouraging on the one hand and mother earth with the motives of respectful peace-loving and communicative on the other. In addition there is the Amazon who is self-determin emancipat and strong. On the anti-archetype side there is a whole series of new or newly nam archetypes eg the psychopath the diva the coward or the femme fatale.   from the traditional archetypes As already mention they differ in that they have been proven empirically and verifiably.

How are the new archetypes different

For the first time There are also a few new archetypes and a few new anti-archetypes. The hero is no longer an equal archetype but has an expos New Zealand Phone Numbers List position. The hero can easily be perceiv as a stereotype because it is one-dimensional. in combination with other archetypes then it is multidimensional and therefore archetypal-typical. We’ve also group the archetypes into feminine infantile and masculine tendencies. And our model can be connect to modern neuropsychological theories. It can be us wonderfully together with the Limbic Map (Häuselfor example or with the Zurich model of social motivation Bischoff How can archetypes.

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That is why it mostly exists

Be us in brand management and what purpose do they serve I have identifi five areas where archetypes can help sharpen brands: . When finding KY Lists customer insights. And here in particular when defining motivational reinforcers (archetypal motives positiveand motivational barriers (antiarchetypal motives negative). . and brand values. . In storytelling and content marketing. Particularly noteworthy here is the archetypal storytelling which comes into its own in the Christmas film Homecoming from EKA . . In service design and product development. I have notic that r-hot textbooks (e.g. This is Service Design doing Stickdorn et al completely ignore a service design strategy deriv from brand values. . In internal branding and organizational development. There is still a lot of potential for application here for example in relation to.

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