The desir customer behavior They should also always be grant in the context of the relationship at hand. On the one hand this means that the reward should be appropriate to the respective transaction the duration of the relationship and  terms of its value. On the other hand this means that the reward is relevant to the nes of the different customers. It is not always about a price ruction but possibly about a more intensive service or similar services. Bonus programs can bring many advantages for a company but the framework.

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Conditions must be carefully observ. Without precise evaluations of customer nes and the effectiveness of the reward measures bonus programs will Philippines Phone Number List ultimately hardly have the desir effect The hard way of winning back customers a customer relationship it can wane or in the worst case break off completely. Customer churn is not an uncommon phenomenon it just happens in a slower less obvious way than it does with retail customers. This increases the importance of successful customer recovery. An argument for actively trying to win back a lost customer: the chance of this is still significantly higher than that of acquiring a new customer.

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Source fotolia  bnenin Another advantage is that loyalty and trust on the part of the customer experience an increase once again if they could be mov by a KY Lists return. What the research also clarifies however is the impossibility of completely eliminating churn even with the best retention management. Recovery measures must therefore start with the customer become noticeable. For the company this means: If possible customer recovery begins before the relationship is completely broken off . Transparency is a key factor in recovery. This also includes including the customer who is willing to leave the company in finding a solution and openly communicating possible measures. Such a transparent process can also avoid replacing the sales team as a possible measure.

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