That the exchange is mainly online. email- _ This is how the PR industry is reacting to the Corona crisis When circumstances change and the tri and test suddenly no longer works there are two ways to deal with itwait and see bury your head in the sand as the ostrich proverbially does or rethink and take alternative routes. But what does this mean for the PR industry  With a view to the flood of information that is currently shooting through the digital channels it is not necessary to rely on quantity but on quality . So it’s not about using content marketing to.

For example the change pilot explains

Provide customers with new content every hour but about having content marketing professionals create content that arrives despite or especially in the current Benin Phone Number List flood of data.  information and marketing in one.  how Corona is driving down the price of electricity – and what that means for those who are willing to change. Here the marketing department combines useful information in the Corona crisis with its own productchange pilot electricity priceh Another example from the comparison portal Idealo goes in a similar direction This graphic also.

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In addition many providers rely on

Combines information and marketing. Of course the population is very interest in Corona News. The hard factscome from the news.  i.e. the so-call soft KY Lists facts  can  seen in social mia or in this Idealo graphic. It shows that the population is adjusting to the time without physical social contacts with dumblls board games and Nintendo Switch games . Headsets should enable comfortable long phone calls that make you forget the physical distance as well as clinical thermometers and cold micineshould ruce the way to the pharmacy – after all viruses could also  lurking there. idealo demand corona crisis In order to maintain contact with customers it is now more important than ever to use online channels This.

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