Cranes offer something for the eye. A harmonious combination can also seen in the office and residential complexes cause this is where tradition meets modernity. The complex was creat from a former granary and ars the name Siengebirgenam fter the Rhenish mountain landscape. Cologne as an important business and science center Cologne has develop  into an important business and science location. The central location in Europe makes the metropolis of Cologne a favorable transshipment point for goods from all over the world. Sometimes the optimal linking of the air rail and water transport carriers ensures that goods are transport quickly. Cologne’s economy is as diverse as your societyin addition to the well-represent mia industry there is also a strong.

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Chemical and automotive industry . However Cologne’s sustainability is also support by innovative sectors such as biotechnology and life sciencesecur Pakistan Phone Number List popular student and science cities. Renown research institutes such as the Max Planck Institute or the German Aerospace Center (DLR) can found here. Cologne has also establish itself as a trade fair and congress location and offers an interesting supporting program for trade fair visitors. Cologne is future-proof all round and one of the most interesting and promising locations in Germany. Download seminar flyer now The Cologne feeling Hey Kölle – do ming Stadt am Rhing He where.

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Do en by the Cologne cult band which descri exactly what Cologne isa city with heart and soul – a feeling . And it is precisely this Kölsch feelingthat in addition KY Lists to the sights attracts many visitors to Cologne. what is this feeling  the past and present Cologne is largely due to its cultural diversityshap. Well over years ago the Romans recogniz Cologne as a central hub for trade. There were also French Italians immigrants from Eastern Europe Turkey and many many more. Against this background a mentality has develop in Cologne that is cosmopolitan that doesn’t exclude anyone and lets them live as they want. The people in Cologne are open tolerant very communicative and party-happy. It is not for nothing that the cathral.

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