Little searching on Facebook for example. Evaluation comments can be found under advertising posts and current campaigns among other things. If the site owner has activat the visitor contributions function it may also be worth checking here. often refer to the company and its services but of course customers can also refer to a specific product with their feback. What’s the best way to ask customers to leave reviews Studies show that customers are more likely to express their opinion about a product if they were or are dissatisfi. Satisfi customers often ne a nudge to rate a product. But what is the best way to design such a request for.

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Evaluation Two approaches in particular have proven their worth over the course of time. If you want to increase the willingness of your customers to Benin Phone Number List start here: a direct request for evaluation linking product ratings to sweepstakes. When it comes to direct product review requests it’s important to exercise caution. Anyone who acts too obtrusively here is just as wrong as a company that refers to the possibility of an evaluation of its articles in a comparatively hidden place. Ideally newsletters invoices and delivery notes are suitable for informing a customer about the possibility of product evaluation Many online shops send.

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Customers an e-mail a few days after the product has been shipp asking them to rate the product. It also makes sense to inform the customer in the same KY Lists step about the corresponding advantages when they submit a review. Or to put it another way: of investing his time in an evaluation ideally with text For some consumers it is not enough just to be referr to the possibility of an improv shopping experience in the future. Therefore a direct connection between product ratings and sweepstakes has proven to be particularly useful. True to the.

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