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The company We conduct the seminar as an open semin. Aras an in-house seminar and as individual coaching. Use our experience for your business. Customer Centricity and Experience Management with.  In Cologne or onlineInform now LegendFree places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. Customer Centri city. These tools will help you learn more about your customers. Customer centricity- The customer is the focus of all efforts – to be able to fill it with lifea company also. the right tools. Here there is a significant difference to the classic customer-orient way of.

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Thinking that prevail in the s the trend towards digitization has brought many companies closer to the customer.  to know the customer’s nes betterto South Korea Phone Numbers List identify them more precisely and to structure the marketing activities along the customer’s ideas. In order to be able to put this project into practicetools and instruments for customer orientation have been develop in recent years. From our point of viewthere are the following current tools that you should definitely deal with if you want to act customer centric Persona Profiler Customer Centricity – Persona ProfilesDer Persona – Empathy MapThe Empathy Map goes back to.

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The company and is a modern tool for. Gaining insights into your customers. At the center of the tool are questions to be. Answer about the customer KY Lists In which environment. Does the customer move What influences him How is he inform. By answering these questions you get deeper insights into. What the customer’s inner nes are and how you can support them with products and solutions. The empathy map offers a good approach to group discussions and thus a structur approach to customer orientation. Customer Journey The customer journey offers insights into the decision-making processes of a customer and how a company can position itself effectively here. The first stage of the customer journey includes three different phases activation phase information phase.

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