Increase The community grows more likes shares or comments are achiev. Sales/revenues on the website are increasing for future advertising campaigns is also growing. The image can  consciously cultivat through competitions. User interests come more transparent. Tip  Vouchers for new customer recommendations Chance reigns in sweepstakes winners are determin for example by a random comment picker . In the case of recommendations from new customers on the other hand customers can influence their advantage themselves. When satisfi customers recommend a shop to their circle of friends and acquaintances in order to receive a voucher for their recommendation themselves shop.

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Operators boost sales twice over. On the one hand new sales are record from new customers on the other hand the probability that a reward existing customer Mexico Phone Number List will buy again increases significantly. Tip  Tie order to meet a minimum order value that earns them a discount. Therefore an effective sales promotion is to give away a coupon of a realistic value that customers would willingly pay to reap the financial nefit. Depending on the products retailers can test different voucher models in order to determine the general purchasing havior of customers in connection with vouchers. It is also possible to offer a waiver of shipping costs to make the purchase more attractive. Many a customer is happy to only spend money on the product and decides to buy it for that reason alone. Tip  Keep the remption process.

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Short and simple It’s annoying when reeming a code is expensive or cumrsome and requires customers to invest a lot of time. It is not uncommon for them to drop KY Lists out of the purchasing process during the final steps and discard their plans.  therefore  as uncomplicat as possible. Entering a voucher code directly in the shopping cart has proven itself. This can  done easily and without much effort for customers. Conclusion Small action big effect Vouchers are effective for customer lFlywheel – the cycle model for more customer satisfaction Flywheel is a term that is currently us frequently in marketing. Most companies already know that a strong customer centricity defines their success. A high level of customer satisfaction ensures long-term customer loyalty and.

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