Dealt with these questions in advance when planning a new website make life easier for themselves and the agencies – and have come a good deal closer to their desire for a professional well-plann and implement company website. and planning the website and is even free for project is Here you can take a look at it but you can also prepare the planning for the web designer with very simple tools such as Excel or Word. These points of reference should serve as a basic checklist for selecting a suitable web design agency. DIM: Which aspects play a role from the customer’s point of view when choosing an agency Dennis.

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Basically the first impression should right and the quality of the communication and advice are very important criteria for the pre-itself. The Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List decisive aspect for the final selection should not primarily the price but rather criteria such as the quality of the work which can determin most easily via the references and add values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are provid on the website such as e.g. B. an accompanying increase in online reputation or moreengine optimization. Checklist for agency selection: Professional external presentation appearance and trustworthinessimprint and About us page available.

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Selection in addition to the offer

Transparency in prices proof of qualifications etc Fast reliable communication and quality advice right from the first contact. View feback from KY Lists customers on rating portals and actively ask if you can talk to real customers to get neutral real feback. Do you have a wide range of references and project examples at a high level Individual non-template-bas web design as an optional offerproof of craftsmanship. Full service from a single source including industry-relat services such as text creation programming of individual functions or social miasee evidence and references!. Basic optimization for mobile devices & search engines includ in the offer.

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