Companies can rely on a carefree solution that makes them very environmentally friendly without in-depth measures. Small but many austerity measures In every office there are dozens of little things you can or can’t do to save energy. Together this results in a wide range of potential savings . The following saving measures are conceivable:  they are ne – and only for as long. LCD is always more economical than any old tube models. And from LCD OL or AMOL bears the crown of savings because here pixels only light up when they are really ne. Target individual lighting of work places instead of all-encompassing overall lighting.

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Use of master-slave power strips to prevent accidental leaving on. Sensor or timer-operat lighting supplement by a facility that allows maximum use Australia Phone Number List of daylight. Individually these measures are small. All in all however they mean a have a fundamentally positive effect on the running company costs. Measures of logistics The logistics industry has long been in the green upheaval. Not least because of this it is largely in the hands of e-commerce to be active here and to determine for themselves which priorities to set. Cooperation with logistics service providers should primarily be sought after environmental protection factors.

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Some offer climate-neutral shipping for example by investing in reforestation projects. Others on the other hand rely on a fleet of as possible – however KY Lists blanket statements are difficult here because every online trade has different nes and potential. But it goes on: You can check to what extent it is possible to offer your own logistics around the location. For example with cargo bikes or electric vehicles. This is of particular interest to large-city mail order companies. The option to ship to packing stations should be clearly visible on the.

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