The discussions in the team and in sales. If you chat easily with customers like a good bartender in a hotel you have to  in a good mood yourself. does not focus on the few negative conversations (I just had a customer who didn’t understand anything) but on the many normaland positive conversations. (There was just another customer who was really happy about my offer) Empathetic sales is an attitude. The focus is on the strengths. The aim is to make the many good conversations even tter and thus take the.

This requires a new culture that

Hurdle to Change top down A team culture of positive encouragement and support is important. Unusual team activities help lighten the ‘ attention on the Netherlands Phone Numbers List positive and relieve stress. From non-complaint days to mascots stupid excuse bingos and impulse cafés the teams develop their own rituals to maintain the good mood in everyday life in the office units and create an atmosphere that makes it easier for everyone to  awake and attentive to stay. The management must live the new service attitude authentically. When bosses ask How many customers did you make smile/laugh todayThis has an impact.

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Mood break the routine focus employees

On the mindset of the organization. The empathic shift happens from the top down. If the manager dares the employees also trust each other.  office KY Lists employees often succe in fine empathetic dialogue and in listening to nes on their own. They are important drivers of change. They exemplify the new attitude drive the topic into the organization and ensure a lasting change in mood. Even if one or the other fact-orient expert from the specialist department or the second level only looks critically at first. The new fresh way of communicating with customers rubs off on them too. The blunt processing of checklists to assess the call quality is also off the table. If you want an empathetic dialogue with customers you have to ask how.

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