Lockdown which to serious restrictions in many social areas. Against the backdrop of the current situation the management decid to create an online resource and quickly bring it to the top. Representatives of Winetime approach our team with the task of developing and optimizing a website for SEO. Key task Key task When developing the design and functions of an online liquor store our client decid that optimization work could  start right away. The main goal at the same time was to take into account the requirements put forward to commercial sites. Features of our strategy Features of our strategy We divid it into blocks. The main feature of the Winetime project was the parallel.

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Work on and development. Experts in close cooperation with developers and designers carefully check all the usability and technical characteristics that Luxembourg Phone Number List affect SEO. In general we have carri out work in the following areasForm the structure and SA . We analyz the business topic identifi the main rivals and chose a unique website development strategy. In addition we set the task of creating a structure and SY. Provid technical support . At this stage a list of works for optimization was compil and recommendations for usability and features for the new resource were creat. Then we plann to implement all the changes in collaboration with developers  very quickly.

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With the ability to scale No attention is paid to design and details. The bare code is made to make the application work. And then the shell design is . The KY Lists choice of method depends on the tasks. Experts must determine which of the . Step    testing is an internal analysis of the application in which the product is evaluat. As a rule the circle includes the developers themselves the owners and employees of the customer company close people. The task is to evaluate the application from the user’s point of view to find problem areas to.

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