Come out at the ginning. Design Thinking Observe closely Successful design thinking nes a solid basis for decision-making. Therefore observe carefully and immerse yourself in the world of your customers. Compile relevant data that could match the understanding of the problem develop in the first step. What is the market and how does it tick Who are you in competition with and how is the competition doing Do your research not just on the internet.  inspiration. Ask customers partners stakeholders suppliers or other people who can contribute to the topic. Observe the havior of your customers closely. Do you recognize patterns frequency.

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Intensity/times preferences or other usage criteria Collect all findings carefully and condense the information. Recommendation  and Indian Phone Number List visualization. This makes it easier for you to see the connections.  approach is methodologically suitable for the first two phases of design thinking . Design thinking intensive workshop In the Design Thinking intensive workshop  you will learn exactly how the agile method works and how you can use it to find effective solutions to complex problems. Here are the next dates Wnesday April  Design thinking intensive workshopwith  in Cologne or onlineInform now LegendFree places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. Design Thinking Your Point of View Design thinking is teamwork. Therefore bring your team to a common level of knowlge.

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Use hypotheses to develop a deeper understanding of the customer and the problem to  solv. Take a stand from which you can have a clear customer KY Lists view of possible solutions together. For example create a Persona as an auxiliary construct . hind this is the multifacet and as concrete as possible description attitudes motives havior of a potential customer. Important no target group is defin here! However the persona stands for a representative person from your target group. Find the answer to the two important questions What problem do you solve for your customer And how do you want to solve it Design thinking is.

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