As possible the posters are plac at infrastructural junctionsmain roads public squares etc Prof. Where do you reach your customers There where they are on the go every day – at the train station and at busy intersections on the way to work or in the city center when shopping. – Prof. MD of the German Institute for Marketing  present product which is accompani by a short and concise claim/advertising slogan. Poster advertising always aims to increase brand awareness and/or sales figures. Worth knowing: The origin of today’s poster advertising the advertising pillar is an invention of Ernst Litfaß from rlin. tween and the.

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Advertising pillar was an important part of out-of-home advertising but was soon replac by billboards. The reason: the large-format posters offer Cyprus Phone Number List much more space to convey the advertising message. In addition large-format posters tter legibility. What makes a good poster The success of poster advertising is primarily due to the design of the poster itself: Is the motif striking intelligent emotional and new Is the message simple  and typography striking and aesthetic Does the motif exploit the strengths of the advertising mium In addition the following aspects also say something.

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About the success: Is the mia strategy original Does it exploit the possibilities of outdoor advertising in an exemplary manner Has the use of mia optimally KY Lists achiev the communication goal Has the out-of-home advertising en effectively network with other mia Online Marketing Manager Billboard advertising – advantages and disadvantages Since passers-by tend to perceive advertisements via posters subconsciously poster advertising not only has a numr of direct but also indirect advantages to offer. A very short moment of active viewing is enough for the target group to grasp the memorable advertising message In addition.

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