Existing and potential customers are very likely to use Facebook as well. The competition could also already  represent on Facebook so that not using this social mia network represents a disadvantage compar to the competition. Facebook posts should appeal to the target group and  as simple as possible. Interestingly design contributions also often contain additional mia formats such as photos or videos. The DIM study Social Mia Marketing shows that . % of the study participants use Facebook as a social mia marketing tool. Again and again we hear in our seminars and lectures that.

Facebook on the corporate side has

Facebook is dead after all. The current figures show something else. Here are the numrs from January  . billion people actively (at least once a month) use a Iceland Phone Number List Facebook service (Facebook Instagram Whatsapp) . billion people use one of these services every day million active businesses on Facebook $ . billion Q sales Of course the use of  chang significantly in the last three years. While a few years ago people were still intensively involv in publishing content the use of Facebook Ads is now growing cause the generic reach has continu to decrease . Blog Marketing In addition to Facebook blogs are also an establish social mia tool.

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There are several types of blogs

The main task of blogs is the regular dissemination of information. Large blogs that post frequently always attract visitors. Corporate Blogs KY Lists Service Blogs Knowlge Blogs Themen-Blogs Campaign Blogs Product and brand blogs  Micro blogging As a microblogging service Twitter is an intermiate stage tween blog and social network. The  traffic supplier after Facebook and Google. A register user can compose and send short messages. Users can then  subscrib to by others. Registrations and interactions of companies are also possible. Basically the tweets are limit to characters. The microblogging service is more about quick information than detail discussions. One of the advantages of Twitter is the high level.

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