For the requirements of the select market. Segments Are the select markets appropriate and. Do the different marketing mix. Instruments harmonize with each other. In concrete terms it is check whether the advertising statements. Correspond to the general corporate advertising. Style and whether certain advertising mia attract enough. Attention to be seen.  a premise audit it is analyz which framework conditions are relevant for a specific marketing decision. For example theses about consumer and buyer behavior.

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About strengths and weaknesses as well as activities. Of the competition and macroeconomic factors are drawn up and us as a basis. These are record in writing and check after some time to see whether they still correspond to reality.  the premises audit can also be understood as a control of the situation. Unfulfill assumptions can either be explain by an Denmark Cell Phone Number List original misjudgment of the situation or an unforeseeable change in the situation. d. impact audit Finally with the help of the impact audit the success of marketing measures can be check. This includes two different types of impact audit: In the first case for example key figures relat to  are taken as a test standard. The second type considers the primary.

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Effects on the market using primarily the psychological characteristics of consumers as a basis. Knowlge of market research is indispensable for the KY Lists preparation and implementation of impact audits and an interpretation of the results proves to be quite demanding in particular the assignment of individual impacts to specific measures. Persona – define target group representatives and use them in the company . / – ( votes) You are not your customer – this is exactly why it is important to know the customer and the associat target group very well. A practicable procure for determining the target group is the development of so-call personasThese are express in the form.

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