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Source fotolia pressmaster This corresponds to the. Philosophy of relationship marketing which. Is not so much about convincing new. Customers of your own services but about. Ensuring satisfi and loyal Customers in the long term. transaction the one purchase to an ongoing business relationship. The goal is not one conversion but the return of the customer The dimensions of relationship quality In order to be able to do this in the long term the causal relationships must be understood. The principle behind relationship marketing is very simple: High customer satisfaction leads to closer customer loyalty which in turn.

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Results in a stable This results in economic advantages namely regular income over a long period of time. A key factor in achieving this goal is the quality of the relationship. It provides information about how the customer assesses the relationship with the selling Pakistan Phone Number List company beyond their purchases. In a work report on measuring the quality of customer relationships Nancy Keller and Markus Stolper from the Chair of Marketing at the University of some of the possible dimensions that in their opinion make up the quality of the relationship: satisfaction Customer satisfaction can be understood in different ways for example as satisfaction with a purchase or with the business relationship as a whol In order.

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To adequately consider the long-term perspective Keller and Stolper define customer satisfaction as the cumulative result of all previous purchase and KY Lists consumption experiences with the provider and its products. must be differentiat: For example the customer can trust his contact person or the company as a whole. On a personal level trust can ensure that uncertainties on the part of the customer rece into the background. He is then more willing to take risks and make advance payments. In return however the company must demonstrate its reliability and trustworthiness.

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