Serves to promote personal skills that are not company-specific . In this case further training can take the graduate beyond short-term career opportunities and provide the basis for a job or industry change. Define personal learning goals goes beyond the horizon of the current position brings in hard cash when changing jobs –  usually not reward. The responsibility for choosing the right learning content lies entirely with the individual. But how can those interest in continuing ucation determine which programs will give them a long-term advantage . Define professional goals Interest parties should clarify.

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For themselves where they want to be at the end of a – – or -year timeline in their career. An optimal area of ​​responsibility should be defin Jordan Phone Number List towards. Formulations according to which further training should make it possible to leave the current position quickly on the other hand are of little use. Learning should strive for a concrete goal and not only serve to escape from an unlov position. . Be aware of existing qualifications Within an inventory the individual should list their ucational academic and professional qualifications.

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The inventory does not end there: skills outside of the current job and individual talents are also part of the personal portfolio. It’s not just about KY Lists technical and subject-specific skills but also about psychological and social strengths . . Recognize competence gaps The defin goal can then be compar with the list of qualifications. Here is the key finding: What skills are missing to be consider as a candidate for the desir target position Or in the case of self-employment: Which qualification deficiencies prevent the company from leading to its future goal in the plann way It is precisely on these points that the further training efforts of the person concern should.

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