Economy and ecology. At the same time companies must also understand that sustainabilityturn into a real competitive advantage. cause every second German now pays attention to the ecological image of a company when making a purchase. A climate-friendly corporate policy is well receiv by consumers. At the same time a company nefits from falling energy costs.  increases by an average of six percent. In addition the demand for investments among investors is increasing every year. cause more than percent of institutional investors pay attention to social and ecological aspects in companies. Going green improves overall employee satisfaction in a company. Young employees can also more easily convinc.

Themargin of climate-aware companies

Recruit by their own company. Young applicants and their career choices Young people in particular develop a strong awareness of environmental Turkey Phone Number List protection .  into their lives they also transfer to their professional life.  their potential employer to committ to environmental policy and to seriously interest in the topic of sustainability. This is how the Greta has an effecta decisive part in the career choice of young applicants. If a company does not adapt to today’s conditions and the changing nes of applicants it will have a harder time recruiting new young employees in the future. More and more young people are deciding against an employer if they are not committ to sustainability.

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The principles that they develop and integrate

More and more people have already chang jobs cause the company they were employ by was not environmentally friendly enough for them. In KY Lists addition more and more people are toying with the idea of ​​changing their current employer cause company policies do not seem green enough to them. Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. Another impetus: Green electricity The Greta Effectis also noticeable in the energy market. According to the comparison portal Verivox the numr of newly conclud green electricity tariffs has increas significantly. This is not least relat to the Fridays For Future movement and the rethinking of the population. The climate debate that has en spark shows the first changes in havior here as well. cause almost percent of Verivox customers opt for a green electricity tariff in June This is.

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