Quintlyalready had an average interaction rate of . % in . On the other hand other platforms such as Facebook only achieve rates of . %. Instagram Marketing Tip Define your target audience Before you worry about content you’re leveraging you ne to be clear about who you’re trying to target. Who your followers are and who makes up your community has a direct impact on what content you should publish. For example if your target group on Instagram consists of conservative people it is not advisable to use the most popular hashtags and trendy internet challenges. Instead you should focus on a down-to-earth and more moderate presentation of your company. Therefore use the Instagram Insights as well as additional.

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Tools and services in advanceto analyze your Instagram community in order to be able to optimally adapt your content to the. In this way you Portugal Phone Number List keep your community satisfi in the long term and bind them to your company. Instagram Marketing be easier to find by using hashtags by other Instagram users who are not yet part of your community. Thus hashtags can increase interaction with the post. Make sure you only use relevant hashtags and don’t scare users away with too many hashtags. Hashtags must be thematically relat and at the same time have a certain relevance to the corresponding.

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Preferences of your followers

Content Images and videos with shorter descriptive texts and relevant hashtags are generally lik more. In addition to the hashtags commenting on KY Lists and liking other pictures also increases your own awareness and generates a higher reach. Choosing and planning the right hashtags nes to be well thought out since the right hashtags have an immiate impact on the visibility of your content. In the following video you will get tips for better hashtags: Instagram Marketing Tip Pay attention to the right content Post regularly to stay relevant. However do not use images randomly and use the most popular hashtags possible but find your style and your message. Generate interest among users with your content and pay.

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